About Wisdom to Win


About Wisdom To Win

Our vision for Wisdom To Win is to be a premier educational resource for Christian ministers and ministries to maximize their purposes and potential through our sharing and showing prudent and practical principles with them. We believe that God has uniquely proven and gifted Dr. Warren D. Wilcox, Jr. with an extraordinary ability to effectively communicate prudent and practical principles and we want to extend his God-given enablement to as many as possible.

We believe that there is a need in the landscape of ministers and ministries to present proven principles in an applicable, personal way from a sound theological foundation. We are pleased to share with you this unique para-church and para-minister ministry, Wisdom To Win. Dr. Warren D. Wilcox, Jr., Founding Pastor of the Dunamis Life Church in Camden, N.J. and Chaplain Coordinator of the New Jersey Department of Corrections, is carrying out his life’s mission by presenting prudent and practical principles in a real and relevant way and empowering ministers and ministries to effectively be and do what God has for them. God is growing our ministry and we are excited about the forthcoming presentations in person and via social media, publications, and podcasts that will provide Wisdom To Win.